Confectionary Raw Material: Assortment and Application

Do you dream to open your own pastry shop? In such case you have to solve many tasks. You should define the assortment of manufactured production apart of premise search, equipment choice and purchase, personnel recruitment and process organization, and necessary documents and licenses receipt.

Probably you would like to align the manufacture of pastry only: manufacture of wedding cakes, fancy cakes, pies, cookies, gingerbreads, etc., nowadays it is pretty profitable business. It is also possible to start manufacture of sugary sweets (candies, creams, zephyr, jelly, candied fruits, halvah, etc.). Some factories manufacture both groups of products: sugary sweets and pastry. Anyway to manufacture confectionary as any other products it is necessary to purchase relevant raw materials. We will talk about it further.

To manufacture majority types of confectionary one needs of course flour. As rule wheat flour can be of 1st and 2nd sorts. The main ingredients, without which are necessary to each confectioner, are liquids of all kinds (water, milk, liqueurs, creams), animal and vegetable fats, starch, milk products, sugar, salt, eggs, different leavens, gelling agents, etc.

For confectionary with filler you should purchase different fruit and berry fillers, poppy seeds, nuts, dried fruit, candied fruits, condensed milk, chocolate. These and other ingredients can be used for decorating of finished products. Covering chocolate, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, different powders, decorative gels and many other things are used to decorate sweets. As rule all these ingredients can be bought in ready-made way, some of them need to be preprepared before usage that takes some time (e.g. industrial cream or covering cooking, nuts crushing, fruits cut).

Receipt of many fancy cakes and cakes foresees also the usage of alcoholic drinks like: liquors, cognacs, rums, vine, different fruit liqueurs. Said components are used not only as aromatizing admixtures but also for flat dry shortbread soaking which change of course the taste of a product. Many floral attar, special essences and spicy plants are used as aromatizer. Canella, clove, caraway, anise are some spices which can considerably change the aroma of a finished sweet product.

As you can see the variety of confectionery raw material boggles imagination. Usage of each ingredient in confectionery is a science, supported by the experience of confectioners and technologists. It not that easy to chose the most qualitative and necessary for production process production among the assortment that is on the modern market. If you do everything in right way the result will come in due time. Thanks to it your enterprise will prosper and receive new and new orders for cordon bleu and of course qualitative sweetmeats!