Raw Material for Bread Production

Aromatic bread, rich rolls, toasted doughnut-shaped bread roll: fresh baked goods tempt always the appetite, are pleasant to the eye. Every housewife, who is beating dough, waiting for its rise and baking next work of bread art in an oven, aspires to such result. Practically every house, every family had their own receipts of bread, which had been passé from mother to daughter, from mother-in-law to daughter-in-law. But it was earlier, but nowadays these stages of bread making are absolutely automated. This product as before is very popular and has great demand. That is why bread industry is constantly developing: it is hard to surprise modern buyer with the assortment, appearance, taste of loafs and brick-breads, French bread and rolls, cakes and round loaf…

Bread-making raw materials: main ingredients

It is not secret that tasty bread which keeps freshness and aroma for a long time should be baked exceptionally of high-quality materials. Main and additional raw materials are distinguished in bread goods production.

The main ingredients of which the main good is produced are flour, salt, water, yeast. But it is true that nowadays many manufacturers, remembered old receipts of unyeasted dough, propose oftener bread made of natural leavens. As for other ingredients their usage remains the same with the only difference of other production technology.

Flour is the base of any type of bread. It can be wheat one or rye one. Depending on milling one differentiates three sorts of rye flour, which is used in bread-making: usual (it has dark color with high content of cutoffs), peeled (with grayish shade) and takeout (the lightest). Wheat flour can be also of three sorts: the highest, first and second. It is used not only for bread-making, this type of flour is used also in macaroni industry.

One more ingredient of bread on which you should pay your attention is yeast. This ingredient contributes to better leavening of dough. Compressed yeast is more often used in bake houses. Liquid and dried yeast are also in demand, it is possible to use yeast cream.

Additional Ingredients in Bread-Making Production

One more raw material group that is widely applied in bread making production is additional ingredients. They include different kinds of fats (margarine, vegetable oils, special bread fats, butter), sand sugar and sugar-containing components (honey, syrups, starch syrup, etc.)

Moreover the receipt foresees the usage of other products: eggs, milk, creams, special additives, fruit and berry fillers, candied fruits, dried fruits, spices, nuts, etc.

Manufacturer can propose to a customer of wide range of finished products thanks to the usage of additional ingredients. Certainly, detailed check of bread raw materials, its proper storage and observance of technological requirements during production provide the receiving of qualitative goods, which will gladden even gourmands!