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Bakery and confectionery materials
11 June 2012

PE “Forum” for many years of operation has established itself as a reliable supplier of the widest range of products for the bakery and confectionery business. The products presented here are made not only in Ukraine. Our company is a direct importer of various bakery and confectionery raw materials from different parts of the world. We cooperate with an impressive number of enterprises from the East (Iran, India), and from the West (Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium and others).

Regardless of how well-known our partner in the world is, a large company or a small firm, specialists

PE “Forum” carefully study the demand and select such products, so that customers are always satisfied with the quality of the goods. Therefore it is not surprising that our client base is constantly growing.

Creams and fruit fillings are often needed to make cakes or cakes, biscuits or muffins. We are ready to offer the masters of culinary business high-quality products of domestic and foreign production. For example, vegetable cream is supplied by us from Italy and Russia, and canned cherries and cocktail cherries with tails from the USA. All products undergo strict quality control so that the consumer can enjoy an attractive appearance and excellent taste characteristics for a long time.

Despite the fact that a lot of goods in our warehouse are imported, we offer quite affordable prices. Regardless of where the peanut or poppy was brought from, dough improvers or jam, vanillin or malt extract, any products are inexpensive and cost-effective. Our work is aimed at making it profitable for customers to buy high quality at an affordable price. Of course, many people have a question about how we manage to combine these two most important requirements for products. But there is nothing unreal in this – we just work hard, take into account the wishes of customers, carefully plan and organize the order and delivery of the goods.

Specialists of PE “Forum” constantly monitor changes in the market of bakery and confectionery raw materials. That’s why the company is always ready to offer customers modern technology and the latest ingredients. Buying imported ingredients for bakery products or confectionery sweets, you can not be afraid that the dough does not fit, the product will lose its shape after baking or quickly become stale. Foreign producers, as well as domestic producers, do everything to ensure that their products meet the requirements of modern man and market requirements. And PE “Forum” does everything to make every customer permanent.

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